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Research and Best Practices for Community Colleges

Our community college research helps institution leaders expedite the implementation of new initiatives and scale best practices, resulting in improved student outcomes, future enrollments, and a financially sustainable enterprise. Our winning strategies, insights, and tools save valuable time and boost impact, so you can keep your focus where it needs to be—on your institution and the students it serves. We provide guidance on the following areas:

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"[EAB was] able to identify cost savings practices that we just were not aware of."

President J. David Armstrong, Broward College

Research & Insights


While loan payments will continue to be stalled for students actively enrolled at your institution, there are a number of ways they could negatively impact your students—and your retention rates—today. Fortunately, there are ways community colleges can proactively assist students facing financial hardships and help them stay on the path to timely (and affordable) completion.

Colleges and universities are playing a larger role in helping students access basic needs supports, challenging stigmas, and normalizing support seeking behavior. As we start the semester, now is the time for community colleges to double down on creating a basic needs infrastructure so students can receive support before they are at risk of stopping out.

This diagnostic is designed to help your institution identify areas where your college is excelling, as well as areas for improvement, within the realm of student customer service. We’ve grouped the assessment by five themes that correspond to the five recommendations made in our Student Customer Service Perceptions Among Community College Practitioners insight paper.



In this new remote world, students find themselves in a situation for which many are ill-prepared. In this webinar, we discuss how to promote student success in a remote space and maintain engagement in a socially distanced world.

In this webinar, we discuss the two possible paths for a course—remote delivery or no remote delivery—including how to determine which path is right for a course, what to do if you’re halting course instruction, and what other institutions are doing to continue instruction for hands-on courses.

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