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Admission counselor time is an increasingly precious resource that needs to be distributed in the most effective way possible—but visit strategy, for most schools, is a quirky business that often relies on legacy relationships with certain high schools. How do counselors know whether the time they’re spending at traditional feeder schools really pays off? And…

Campus climate crises are occurring across all types of colleges and universities. Although crises span a wide range of issues, the most common ones today are related to free speech, sexual misconduct, bias-related speech or action, and racism. These incidents can be unpredictable and cause heightened levels of activism, media and public scrutiny, and reputational…

Enrollment managers and admissions staff are now familiar with the concept of “students as consumers.” In recent years, the work of enrollment has meant contending with prospective students’ growing focus on value and outcomes as well as their demand for more information with quicker responses. Applicants are increasingly weighing their options, or “shopping,” during their…

We recognize that staffing best practices are often reduced to “hire more people,” a recommendation that runs counter to budget and resource scarcity in higher education. Where would investment in additional staff serve enrollment best? Recent staffing trends indicate that specialized positions are a good bet, and one example we see with greater frequency is…

Assault Perpetrated by UD Students Draws Intense Negative Attention On a Friday night in April, University of Delaware students who were members of a fraternity hosted an off-campus party. As a man who identified as both Latino and gay was leaving the party, a white fraternity member called the man an offensive slur. A fight…



When President Obama announced that FAFSA availability would shift from January 1 to October 1, starting with the 2016-17 admissions cycle, enrollment managers had to decide quickly–and with little information –whether to move up financial aid packaging. Now that the industry has settled into the era of Early FAFSA, EMs are considering whether they made…

Faculty are inherently innovative, especially when it comes to designing new academic programs. But because faculty are disconnected from the the day-to-day realities of new student recruitment, new programs tend to reflect faculty priorities more than emerging student interests. As a result, new programs rarely drive enrollment growth, despite the investments required to launch them.…


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