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Many enrollment leaders don’t grapple with this problem until after applications start rolling in, when numbers become stark. But shaping doesn’t start with applications – it starts with recruitment. Here are two emerging recruitment tactics you can leverage to help fill your enrollment gaps.

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There are many ways enrollment leaders can leverage the power of their CRM for recruitment communications. Modern CRMs are immensely dynamic, and they offer a plethora of opportunities to streamline processes and automate communication where appropriate. But deciding when and how to leverage your CRM is not always a straightforward proposition.

College search platforms like Cappex and Naviance are primary college research tools among Gen Z. In 2021, PowerSchool’s annual Naviance student survey found that 62% of Naviance students ranked the platform as their top resource for researching colleges. Optimizing your content on these platforms can have a strong impact on your recruitment goals, regardless of your size, location, or academic offerings. For many students, your college profile page is the first interaction they’ll have with you – so you need to make it count.

Teaming up with Concourse, we created Greenlight Match – a streamlined process that would help students find their college match, and help colleges recruit hundreds more students they might not have identified otherwise. The pilot exceeded our team’s and our partners’ expectations. This post reflects on how Greenlight Match started, the impressive impact from our pilot year, and a plan to expand in the 2022-2023 academic year.

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