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Get the latest insights from EAB experts on a variety of topics and terrains from enrollment to student success to K-12 education to higher education strategy and beyond.


Are you prepared to recruit ‘Gen P’?

Here are three key insights for enrollment leaders about recruiting this new generation of students.
Enrollment Blog

The top 5 ways prospective graduate and adult learners are finding your programs

Our Adult Learner Recruitment team recently surveyed more than 3,800 graduate and adult learners to learn more about…
Adult Education Blog

30 Student success priorities for the 2020s

This blog explores three major trends in student success and outlines 30 student success priorities for the 2020s.
Student Success Blog

Most strategic plans fail to set useful goals. Why these mistakes make it impossible to meet institutional objectives.

This blog outlines the importance of clear strategic goals and identifies three most common failure paths for strategic…
Strategy Blog

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  • Student Success Blog

    How does a four year degree become a six-and-a-half year degree?

    It’s no secret that college costs a lot. One good way to help minimize the expense is to do everything in our power to shorten the total time it takes for students to get a degree. We might not have much latitude to reduce the price of a year’s tuition, but we can absolutely do more to control the total amount that an individual student pays by reducing unnecessary delays and roadblocks along the path to getting a degree.

  • Student Success Blog

    6 common barriers to using data for student success management

    Across conversations with a diverse group of student success leaders this winter, it became clear that people and process are at the heart of the challenge. Even the perfect data tool won’t make an impact if the people and the organizational environment aren’t right. We heard the following framework emerge: Six key ingredients that must be in place for each individual to be an active and effective user of student data.

  • Strategy Blog

    A primer on public-private partnerships

    A public-private partnership can be a new way to leverage alternative finance and delivery models in support of your school's broader mission, including addressing deferred maintenance and modernization needs.

  • Student Success Blog

    4 things Pokémon GO taught me about student success

    My love of catching ‘em all evolved into a fascination more aligned with my professional interests as a user experience designer: how can virtual “hooks” create new behaviors? After all, if the emergence of cartoon animals on a map could get me on a walk every day, surely there are mechanisms to instill “success habits” in our students. Here’s what I learned.

  • Data & Analytics Blog

    What campus IT can learn from Uber, Lyft, and Google Maps

    Rather than have central IT play catch-up to campus demands, integration must be a campus-wide strategic priority to harness data across silos. One approach, API-led integration, is already reaping rewards in higher education.

  • Student Success Blog

    3 strategies to engage faculty in your student success initiatives

    I can’t tell you how many times a provost has asked me, “But what do I do about my faculty?” as they are thinking about rolling out a new student success initiative. Frankly, it’s a fair question. Despite all the investments we’ve made in student success over the past few years, few campuses have fully engaged their faculty when reorganizing to better support students. It doesn’t have to be this way, and we are beginning to see a change.

  • Community College Blog,Student Success Blog

    How three simple community college onboarding changes turned into $70K

    At Danville Community College, leaders uncovered three barriers facing students upon entry, and worked with EAB to streamline the student experience. The result? An increase in applicant-to-enrollee conversion in the first semester alone, resulting in nearly $70K in additional revenue—just from better front-end processes.

  • Student Success Blog

    How one advising leader saw a 600% increase in student responses

    Words surrounding email performance—like “open rates,” “clickthrough rates,” and “conversion rates”—are not part of most academics’ vocabulary. But digital marketing best practices can provide measurable value to your student communications.

  • Student Success Blog

    What success means to your students, in their own words

    EAB researchers went directly to over 200 students and asked how they conceive of success. Their answers surprised, delighted, and moved us—and helped us focus our research and development agenda for the upcoming year.