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Partner Stories

How One Institution Grew Graduate Enrollment 48% with Intent-Based Marketing


Cyprus University is a private, religious university located outside a large city in the Midwest.

The Challenge

Located in a highly competitive market, Cyprus Graduate School struggled to expand enrollment to meet their ambitious goals for on-the-ground and online program growth. They turned to EAB, their longtime undergraduate enrollment partner, for an innovative new approach to graduate targeting and recruitment.

Institution: Cyprus University (a pseudonym)

Institution Type: Medium-Sized, Private University

Location: Suburban area outside of a large city in the Midwest

EAB Partnership: Adult Learner Recruitment

Impact Highlights:

+48% growth in enrollment in two years

10K total clicks from EAB’s 2019 digital campaigns

The Solution

During the first 13 months of the partnership, EAB’s Adult Learner Recruitment division used consumer analytics to identify a large new audience of Cyprus’s right-fit students, then launched multichannel campaigns to grow awareness among that population. For the 2019 cycle, EAB supported new and existing program growth by launching highly personalized, full-funnel multichannel campaigns to guide prospects through the student journey.

The Impact

By fall 2019, Cyprus had increased headcount by nearly 400 students, with 30% of all enrollments that year influenced by EAB’s Adult Learner Recruitment campaigns.

Building Awareness Among Right-Fit Students in 2017 and 2018

EAB identified key audiences with consumer data, then launched awareness campaigns.

Step 1: Generate Audience of New Right-Fit Prospects

190K+ Students identified from EAB’s national consumer database

Step 2: Build Data-Driven Student Profiles

EAB used advanced analytics to pinpoint the attributes and interests of Cyprus’s right-fit students

Step 3: Launch Digital, Email, and Mail Campaigns Based on Profile Insights

Campaigns incorporated messaging and imagery designed to resonate with Cyprus’s audience, largely comprised of urban professionals motivated by career growth

Results: Campaigns Drove Awareness and Influenced Enrollments


Total digital ad reach


Total digital ad clicks


Enrollments influenced in 2017


Enrollments influenced in 2018

Student Journey Marketing Catalyzed Rapid Enrollment Growth in 2019

EAB launched highly personalized campaigns to guide prospects from awareness to enrollment.

Marketing Across the Stages of the Student Journey

Build awareness for Cyprus

Key EAB campaign components:

  • Digital ads based on data-driven student profiles
  • Welcome email introducing Cyprus
  • Welcome mailer reinforcing brand awareness


Nurture prospect interest

Key EAB campaign components:

  • Application checklist PDF offered as a content give
  • Micro-survey to learn student interests and concerns
  • Triggered emails customized to student concerns
  • Email newsletter campaign to cultivate deferral pool

Invite prospects to apply

Key EAB campaign components:

  • Emails encouraging interested applicants to “apply now”
  • Email campaigns creating urgency to apply by deadlines



Partnership Results: Enrollment Increased 48% in Two Years

EAB’s Adult Learner Recruitment campaigns supported gains in new and existing programs.

Enrollment by Year
All On-Campus and Online Graduate Programs

Growth in adult learner enrollment in graduate programs graph


of enrollments were influenced by EAB in 2018


of enrollments were influenced by EAB in 2019

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