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Adult Student Marketing

Competition, escalating demand, and increasingly diverse portfolios are just a few of the challenges facing executives of continuing, online and adult education. We can help you attract tomorrow's adult students and stand out in a crowded market.

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Our Products

Professional and Adult Education Forum

Providing continuing and online education professionals with employer-focused market research, strategic marketing and recruiting guidance, and implementation resources to help them reach their goals.
  • 275+ organizational design consultations completed for COE units
  • 3,000+ customized market research analyses completed for Professional and Adult Education Forum partners
“I’ve thought about [diversifying our portfolio] a lot, but I’ve never heard it articulated so clearly.” -Associate Provost, Ole Miss

Adult Learner Recruitment

Helping graduate and online programs achieve their enrollment goals with market and program planning services, consumer analytics, and data-driven marketing.
  • 33% total enrollment growth for a public university in the West
  • 3x number of leads generated with EAB intent marketing on average
Learn how a university in the West partnered with EAB Adult Learner Recruitment to reverse graduate enrollment declines

Research & Insights

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As institutions reel from the impact of COVID-19, enrollment leaders face renewed pressure to recruit new and different audiences to offset expected declines in traditional undergraduate enrollment. Discover the six stages, and tactics, of an adult degree completer's journey to re-enrollment in this infographic.

Growing student interest in online programs, further accelerated by the pandemic, has challenged administrators to offer experiential learning opportunities online or at off-campus locations accessible to online students. Here are some of our researchers’ suggestions for creating the proper infrastructure to remotely deliver lab, clinical, or field work hours.

As we all well know, the law school market has been turbulent these last few years. While a multitude of factors led to a spike in law school applications in 2021, if 2022 is any indication, we don’t expect that increase in demand to sustain itself over time. Of course, what hasn’t changed is the pressure law school leaders face to increase or sustain the academic quality of the incoming class.


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