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Adult Student Marketing

Competition, escalating demand, and increasingly diverse portfolios are just a few of the challenges facing executives of continuing, online and adult education. We can help you attract tomorrow's students and stand out in a crowded market.

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COE Forum

Providing continuing and online education professionals with employer-focused market research, strategic marketing and recruiting guidance, and implementation resources to help them reach their goals.
  • 275+ organizational design consultations completed for COE units
  • 3,000+ customized market research analyses completed for COE Forum members
“I’ve thought about [diversifying our portfolio] a lot, but I’ve never heard it articulated so clearly.” -Associate Provost, Ole Miss

Adult Learner Recruitment

Helping graduate and online programs achieve their enrollment goals with market and program planning services, consumer analytics, and data-driven marketing.
  • 33% total enrollment growth for a public university in the West
  • 3x number of leads generated with EAB intent marketing on average
Learn how a university in the West partnered with EAB Adult Learner Recruitment to reverse graduate enrollment declines

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As a former MBA student and someone who spent nearly a decade directing the recruiting and admissions efforts of a leading business school, headlines about the impending death of the MBA never come as much surprise to me. However, looking at recent data and thinking about conversations with deans around the country, it is clear…

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While no linear path to enrollment exists for COE students, the illustrative marketing funnel depicted in the infographic below, divided into three sections—awareness, decision, and loyalty—helps to organize over 75 enrollment strategies and best practices uncovered by the COE Forum over the past five years. Awareness All COE units must build and cultivate a differentiated…

COE leaders demonstrate an interest in flexible-format credentials for future program development efforts. Since 2015, we have had nearly 600 incoming research requests on alternative and short-format credentials. Despite the availability of numerous credentials, many members seek advice on badges. To help address the most common questions, we’ve gathered five popular requests to learn more…

Colleges and universities must launch and revitalize programs at an exhausting pace in response to ambitious growth goals. COE teams are tasked to launch or redesign as many as ten programs a year. COE leadership needs to ask the right questions during program launch and redesign to ensure they’re successfully serving the students they hope…

As part of the University of Georgia System’s goal to ensure 60% of Georgia’s adults have some sort of postsecondary degree by 2025, the state is turning its attention to adult learners, reports Martha Dalton for WABE. Right now, just 42% of adults in Georgia hold a postsecondary degree, according to Complete College Georgia. And…

Finding and enrolling right-fit students for your graduate and online programs is challenging in part because every adult learner has unique motivations, expectations, and timelines. Some prospective students research their options for three years and still choose employment over enrollment, while others will move from research to application in three months. To recruit adult learners,…


About the Webconference COE leaders demonstrate an interest in flexible-format credentials for future program development efforts. Join us for this webconference to learn the alternative credential landscape, explore profiles of selected alternative credentials, and learn how the needs and motivations of adult student segments inform credential design.