IT Forum Perspectives: Where IT meets higher education


IT Forum Perspectives: Where IT meets higher education

Laura Whitaker, Practice Manager, IT Forum

Welcome to the EAB IT Forum’s blog, IT Forum Perspectives. Our membership program is focused on helping Chief Information Officers and their teams in colleges and universities.

This blog will be co-written by the analysts, consultants, and directors on the research team: full-time explorers of the intersection of information technology and higher education.

While we’re not ourselves IT professionals, one of the “pillars of our work” states why our position at the center of a CIO network is useful.

  • “We proceed in the belief that there are economies of intellect in higher education as in any large field or endeavor—compelling advantage to the world’s universities and colleges sharing insights and practices.”

Our primary concern is to uncover and document practices (from within and beyond the membership) that can bridge the gaps between IT performance and campus expectations, between requirements and reality.

Working with IT inspires us. From providing utility-like backbones for campus computing, to delivering services on a 24/7 basis; from partnering on innovative teaching or research projects, to creating data-driven insights; from securing systems and information in a BYOD world, to supporting “tech-infused” solutions in the academic units – IT leaders and their teams are striving to do it all.

This forum will give readers a window into our ongoing research and will highlight IT-relevant findings from our sister programs within EAB serving provosts, chief business officers, VPs of student affairs, enrollment, advancement, and online learning.

When news breaks that warrants commentary, we’ll try to weigh in. Sometimes we’ll link to content that’s accessible only to active members of the IT Forum, but our aim will be to still provide value in the public post, and we’re happy to engage in follow-up communication.

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