Meet the minds behind our research


Meet the minds behind our research

You hear from IT Forum experts a lot. So before our national meeting series launches in December, we wanted to introduce you to our team so you can put faces to the names—and get to know a little about us and the research we’ll present at the meeting.

Tracy Davis Bradley, Practice Manager

Prior experience: Before starting her Ph.D. program at UCLA in Higher Education and Organizational Change, Tracy was a researcher at CNN and coordinator of student programs in the UCLA Admissions Office.

During graduate school, Tracy was a graduate student researcher, instructor, Spencer Fellow, Student Regent for the University of California, and advisor to the Chair of the UC Board of Regents. Since completing her graduate work almost a decade ago, Tracy has led research efforts for EAB and its sister company, the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), to address key organizational challenges including ensuring data privacy and security, assessing organizational culture, and driving change through organizations.

Favorite movie featuring technology: Contact

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Organizational Accountability
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At the national meeting, I’ll present…
The State of the Union of Higher Education for IT

A unique aspect of EAB is our insight into the needs and research desires of higher education leaders, from provosts to vice presidents of student affairs. In a “state of the union” of higher education, I’ll share the top-of-mind issues for executives across campus, such as enrollment challenges and employer partnerships, focusing on what this means for the future of IT.

Gregory TeichGreg Teich, Consultant

Prior experience: Greg was a teacher of special education at Wahiawa Middle School in Wahiawa, Hawaii and a teacher/administrator for a Venture Prep Charter School in Denver, Colorado. He also worked as a consultant for the United Nations Development Programme working on localizing the supply chain of multinational corporations working in least developed countries.

Favorite movie featuring technology: Hackers

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IT Functional Audits
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At the national meeting, I’ll present…
Measuring Maturity and Urgency of Key IT Capabilities in Higher Education

We recently launched the EAB IT Functional Diagnostic, which over 50 CIOs have completed to date. During my presentation, I’ll present insights from the diagnostic results: How does reporting line affect maturity? Which capabilities seem to be related to each other? Where do CIOs see the largest gap between maturity and urgency?

Joey DeSanto Jones, Consultant

Prior experience: Before joining EAB in September, Joey served as consultant and director of communications for Keeling & Associates, where he consulted on strategic planning projects and program reviews for a diverse array of institutions.

As director of member engagement and community programs at NASPA, Joey directed online and in-person professional development programs, such as the Student Affairs Technology Conference, and provided training and support for member affinity groups, including the Technology Knowledge Community.

Favorite movie featuring technology: The Empire Strikes Back

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Kevin Danchisko, Senior Analyst

Prior experience: Kevin worked as a legal assistant at the DC office of the law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell.

Favorite movie featuring technology: Primer

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A Common Currency

At the national meeting, I’ll present…
Building towards Pervasive Analytics

In enabling data-informed decision making, many IT units consider their role done when campus administrators and faculty can get access to data and learn how to use a related business intelligence tool to analyze that data. However, campus members often need help with learning how to apply data to decision making, and much of this comes from a lack of data literacy. During this presentation, I’ll provide insights into how higher education IT units are developing analytical talent in campus members through capability assessments, professional development programs, and peer communities.

Ben McGuire, Senior Analyst

Prior experience: Ben worked as a field organizer in a midwestern Senate campaign during the 2012 election cycle.

Favorite movie featuring technology: I, Robot

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Elevating Security Awareness

At the national meeting, I’ll present…
Prioritizing IT’s Role in Student Success

While virtually all campus members support student success initiatives, they often struggle to prioritize the questions that will drive the greatest value for the institution, and come to IT with duplicative, ad hoc requests for analysis and integration. To help our members support better decisions across the student life cycle, my presentation will identify critical decisions that impact progress, isolate the key data sets that support analyses, and show how progressive institutions deliver data that drives improved outcomes.

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