60 schools named best employers for 2018

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60 schools named best employers for 2018

Forbes has released its annual rankings of “America’s Best Employers” and “America’s Best Midsize Employers” for 2018.

For the rankings, Forbes partnered with statistics firm Statista to cull data from a survey of 30,000 U.S. employees. In the survey, respondents were asked to rate on a scale from zero to 10 how likely they were to recommend their organization to others. The survey also asked employees to recommend companies other than their own.

The “Best Employers” list features 500 organizations with more than 5,000 employees. The “Best Midsize Employers” list includes 500 organizations with between 1,000 and 5,000 workers.

Large employers list

The large employers list includes 18 higher ed institutions and seven K-12 school districts:

9. Harvard University*
15. Stanford University
18. Duke University*
28. Michigan State University*
29. Howard County Public Schools
39. Emory University*
40. University of North Texas*
45. Montgomery County Public Schools
55. University of Miami*
62. Cornell University
66. University of Virginia*
67. University of South Carolina*
86. Fort Bend Independent School District
115. University of Nebraska, Lincoln*
130. Washington University in St. Louis*
135. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities*
144. Northside Independent School Distric
t145. Oregon Health & Science University
150. Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
152. Stony Brook University*
164. Vanderbilt University*
166. Iowa State University*
171. North East Independent School District
175. Plano Independent School District
178. Gwinnett County Public Schools

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Midsize employers list

The midsize employers list includes 28 higher ed institutions and seven school districts:

11. Lehigh University*
12. Johns Hopkins University*
14. University of California, Irvine*
37. Clovis Unified School District
42. University of Iowa*
45. Northeastern University*
47. Medical College of Wisconsin
54. George Mason University*
56. Chaffey Joint Union High School District
58. Southeast Missouri State University*
60. University of New Hampshire*
66. Parkway School District*
70. Creighton University*
91. Tufts University*
93. Sinclair Community College
96. James Madison University*
100. Old Dominion University*
106. University of North Carolina, Charlotte*
114. University of North Carolina, Greensboro*
121. Newport-Mesa Unified School District
128. University of California, San Diego*
153. Boston College*
157. California State University, Sacramento*
163. Springfield Public Schools
165. University of Notre Dame*
170. University of Arkansas*
178. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
180. Appalachian State University*
193. Beaverton School District
194. Kenosha Unified School District
203. Georgia Southern University*
211. Florida Atlantic University*
215. Richmond County School System
222. University of Texas, Arlington*
225. Baylor College of Medicine

*Editor’s note: EAB congratulates our member institutions who made the list. Member institutions listed above are marked with an asterisk.

Predictably, Google, Costco, and Wegmans—three firms known for their corporate culture—ranked in the top 10 large U.S. employers. But in a surprise upset, Michelin, a tire company committed to sustainability, climbed 33 slots to snag the No. 1 spot.  Harvard is the only education institution to crack the top 10 large employers list (Valet, Forbes, 5/16; Forbes, “America’s Best Employers,” accessed 5/16; Forbes, “America’s Best Midsize Employers,” accessed 5/16).

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