The No. 1 trait Amazon looks for in recent grads

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The No. 1 trait Amazon looks for in recent grads

Your students probably want to work at Amazon.

The retail giant was named 2018’s most attractive company by LinkedIn and snagged the 11th spot on Gen Z students’ top 25 dream jobs of 2017.

Luckily, job prospects at Amazon seem plentiful, as the rapidly expanding firm prepares to open HQ2 and grow its full-time U.S. based workforce to more than 280,000 across the next 18 months.

So how do students get their foot in the door?

The first thing the company looks for in recent grads is authenticity, says Miriam Park, the director of university recruiting at Amazon. Recruiters want to learn how students have “owned a role, moved the needle forward, demonstrated curiosity, and… solved a problem,” Park told CNBC.

Interviewers ask students questions that range from behavioral and situational to technical and functional, says Park. Recruiters want to see evidence of both hard and soft skills to understand how candidates will handle different situations, she adds.

Park offers another tip for students embarking on the job search: “Don’t be nervous.” Students should focus on their strengths, accomplishments, and curiosity, she says.

Amazon isn’t the only firm looking for authenticity.

Many leaders want candidates who are honest, genuine, and clear about what they value, recruiters from the best places to work told Fortune magazine. To sound authentic, candidates should avoid filler words, common catchphrases, and corporate jargon, the recruiters suggest.

Sources: Umoh, CNBC, 3/27/18; Donnelly, Fortune, 2/21/18

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