3 things you’ll learn at the Advancement Forum 2019 national meeting

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3 things you’ll learn at the Advancement Forum 2019 national meeting

By Eric Skuse

The pace of change in advancement shows no signs of slowing down. The profession looks much different than it did at the start of the decade, with new technologies, donor expectations, and university missions all changing at unprecedented speeds. As we begin preparing for the next decade, our 2019-2020 national meeting series will explore some of the threats keeping advancement leaders up at night and provide insight into where they are placing their biggest bets in response. Attendees will learn:

New ways to scale major and principal gift fundraising operations

Colleges and universities are rethinking the ways they structure their major gift fundraising operations, putting radically smaller portfolios into practice and unbundling non-fundraising duties from frontline fundraising staff.

One of the ways unbundling frontline fundraiser duties is being made easier is with new technology. Take artificial intelligence for example: new AI-powered tools are being used to enhance fundraising operations in areas such as prospect management, cultivation, and volunteer management.

With efficiencies to be gained from more sophisticated data-driven fundraising, many advancement leaders are making this a strategic priority.

Strategies for advancement to help unlock unrestricted, mission-critical revenue

The need for budget-relieving funds grows more acute by the day, but so do donors’ desires to restrict their giving.

Forward-thinking advancement organizations are contributing to university advancement by beginning to look beyond CASE-countable dollars. They are deploying their resources and expertise to secure mission-critical revenue streams with campus partners in admissions, student success, research, and other areas.

How to turn the tide with small donors

University advancement has historically presumed that alumni affinity and loyalty will naturally lead to gifts for the annual fund. All you had to do was ask. But loyalty and affinity are no longer the drivers for charitable giving that they once were.

Advancement leaders are rethinking how they position annual giving opportunities. They are importing leading-edge private sector marketing practices like psychographic personas, interest-based segmentation, and automated lead generation and conversion systems, with the aim of making the mass-produced appeal feel more personal.

With opportunities to network with peers, interact directly with our experts, and discuss how our findings can translate to your advancement organization, Advancement Forum members agree that the national meeting is the most valuable part of their EAB partnership—and we’re looking forward to hosting you. Save your seat.

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