Using artificial intelligence (AI) for more effective annual giving


Using artificial intelligence (AI) for more effective Annual Giving


Even in its early stage of adoption, artificial intelligence (AI) can efficiently raise more money and improve the donor experience. In Annual Giving, AI-driven enhancements can provide more timely, targeted, and personalized solicitation experiences that lead to higher rates of engagement and giving. Even better, AI allows staff to spend more time building strong relationships with alumni, donors, and friends, leveraging the time and effort saved.

Here are three benefits AI provides to EAB’s fundraising partners:

AI identifies “who” to contact

EAB’s AI-Driven Predictive Modeling for Annual Giving is designed to help fundraisers spend less time figuring out who to contact and more time in conversation with donors. Our machine learning-driven predictive model is unique to each partner school, scoring alumni by wealth indicators as well as likelihood to engage, focusing efforts on those most likely to respond to our annual giving campaigns. Our AI-powered tool replaces the mundane and time-consuming task of culling the donor database and creates a prospect list in minutes, providing improved online donor conversion and retention rates.


AI indicates “what” to highlight

Artificial intelligence tools like EAB’s Content Variability Plus can help fundraisers hyper-personalize donor engagement and fundraising communications, with variable content that addresses constituent’s demonstrated preferences. This tool enables fundraisers to treat annual giving donors with the same personal touch typically reserved for major donors. The AI software utilizes any data point attached to a record or prior solicitation interactions to drive variability. Images shift depending on school, campus, or interests, creating smartly segmented and personalized solicitations for an almost infinite number of options.

AI decides “when” to send

Deciding “when” to send appeals is quick and simple with EAB’s Send Time Optimization artificial intelligence component. The technology helps fundraisers choose the ideal send time based upon an individual’s prior interaction history. Emails appear at the top of a donor’s inbox when they are most likely to open and read. Machine learning improves with each solicitation, allowing institutions to hone in on donor’s communications preferences as time goes on.

Over the last several years, AI’s visibility, accessibility, and acceptance has grown because it offers efficiencies and effectiveness. As adoption continues to disrupt fundraising norms, AI’s impact can be realized in every part of an advancement shop, from advancement services to alumni programs and fundraising communications.

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