Enrollment Implications of the NACAC Vote


Enrollment Implications of the NACAC Vote

enrollment strategy for the NACAC vote

Under pressure from the Department of Justice, in September 2019 NACAC voted to remove three provisions from its Code of Ethics and Professional Practice (CEPP)—rules that were designed to protect students but that also limited competition between schools.

Under the revised guidelines, colleges and universities may now offer early-decision incentives, recruit inbound freshmen already committed to other schools, and recruit students currently attending a four-year institution. While most schools are not planning to pursue these tactics proactively, some are. And, once they do, others are likely to quickly follow suit.

Enrollment teams should start planning now for how they will respond to increased competition. The graphic below summarizes key areas on which to focus that effort.

Learn implications of the NACAC vote and pivital moments to keep in mind.

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Although applicant and admission pools have seen historic growth at schools nationwide, admission teams have not always grown at comparable rates. This gap has left many enrollment leaders struggling to remain responsive to admitted students and their parents. Learn innovative communication tactics to scale the challenge and increase yield.

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