Campus 2025


Campus 2025

The right design decisions for your campus across the next decade

seven key trends for Campus 2025

Facilities leaders are always thinking ahead when making design and construction decisions. But as demands for campuses evolve, Facilities executives increasingly face the challenge of differentiating between trending fads and projects that can provide long-term ROI.

Our infographic breaks down the seven key trends that will have the biggest impact on campuses in the next decade. From community-centric residence halls to shared lab spaces, these trends have the potential to reshape capital needs at an unprecedented rate.

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This research analyzes active learning and its subsequent impact on student retention and success. We examine how facilities leaders can prioritize technology needs with space changes, adapt to increased space requirements, and how to provide additional support for students with pull-up spaces.

This brief explores the how institutions increase student enrollment and retention with luxury residence halls, and why colleges and universities can't afford not to compete in the "amenities arms race."

This research examines how open office floor plans, a popular trend in the private sector, influences facilities leaders' efforts to reduce or eliminate underutilized office spaces. We examine how open office spaces improve space utilization, enhance collaboration, and increase operating effectiveness.

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