Adult Prospective Student Journey: Local Community College Application

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You start your application for the community college, hoping it will be quick and easy. You get most of your application in fairly quickly, but the system doesn’t recognize you as a returning student.

You need to send an official high school transcript, and you have no idea how to get that. You also look at the FAFSA form and it looks long and confusing, so you take a break.

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You try to call the admissions office for help. They don’t answer. This delays your application by two days. 

You finally get help and submit your application.

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Two weeks later, you get a letter in the mail:

“Congratulations! You’ve been accepted!”

Enclosed, you find a checklist of all the things you have left to do:

  • Visit the campus in-person to take your placement tests
  • Talk to the registrar’s office to figure out if they will still accept your past credits from the same institution
  • Meet with career counselor
  • Academic advising and course registration
  • Attend in-person orientation
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You feel conflicted. On one hand, you are so excited that you’ve been accepted! On the other hand, it still sounds like there’s a lot of work to do. And, you’re concerned about all of the visits to campus in the middle of the pandemic.

You’ve been pretty careful so far, and you aren't enthusiastic about being indoors on campus. 

What do you do?

Key Insight

According to an EAB analysis, it takes students 3 weeks to make as much progress on an online community college application as they could do in one day in-person pre-pandemic.

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