Adult Prospective Student Journey: Lay-Offs

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You work as an insurance salesperson; since the beginning of the pandemic, your company has laid off 20% of its workforce.

You are lucky enough to keep your job, but you notice that people at your level and tenure, with your level of qualifications, are overrepresented in the pool of those laid off. You start to wonder if you could lose your job in a future round of layoffs.

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Following the 2008 recession, 72% of the growth in adult undergraduate enrollment was driven by still-employed adults in high-unemployment fields, suggesting students pursued bachelor’s degrees as an insurance policy against possible future unemployment.

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You receive a postcard from the local community college, the one you attended for two semesters twelve years ago when you were fresh out of high school. It says, “We miss you! Now’s the perfect time to come back and finish your Associate’s Degree.”


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Of prospective adult learners said that COVID-19 had changed their plans to pursue additional education
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The postcard reminds you of a friend that you went to community college with. They just posted on social media that they had recently returned to finish their degree. You wonder if that’s something you should consider.

Do you reach out to your friend to ask them what that was like?

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