Adult Prospective Student Journey: Choice to Move Forward

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Your oldest child’s mental health takes a turn for the worse. They’ve been having panic attacks almost every night, and you and your partner are at a loss for how to help them.

You contact their school, but their guidance counselors are beyond capacity. You try to schedule virtual therapy on your own, but you learn that mental health care is not covered by your insurance.

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These concerns motivate you to double down on advancing your education in order to attain a more stable and lucrative career. You’ve interacted with three institutions in the past few weeks:

  • The online university's application looks easy, and they'll give you tons of help.
  • The local community college is a familiar environment, less of a time investment, and this route helped your buddy advance their career.
  • The regional public university is attractive since you've always wanted a Bachelor's degree and this option will give you the best job prospects.

To which institution do you decide to apply?

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