Adult Prospective Student Journey: Regional Public University Application

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You have enough credits from the local two-year college to apply for an adult degree bachelor’s degree completion program, which will make your application a little bit easier. But, you need to send your community college transcript.

You also look at the FAFSA, and it looks long and confusing. You decide to take a break before trying to figure this out.

Key Insight

"Application requirements and prerequisites can represent barriers that prevent prospects from applying, and these obstacles will disproportionately impact disadvantaged students. Eliminating certain nonessential requirements can be an important way to both widen your prospect pool and increase access. " EAB Adult Learner Recruitment Survey

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Two days later, the local state university gives you a call. They see you’ve started, but haven’t finished your application, and they ask if you need help. 

The call is exactly what you need to get your application on track, and you’re able to submit your transcript and get help on your FAFSA, completing your application.

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You’ve been accepted to the local state university! The aid offer brings the actual price to much lower than the tuition price listed on the website, but you’re still not sure if it’ll be enough. For a brief moment, you start to think this will be the end of your journey… based on the current aid offer, perhaps you should focus on supporting your family. 

But, you decide it’s worth a try to call the financial aid office just in case.

Key Insight

“Will I have enough money to attend school? Should I reconsider in order to pay for more important bills?… For those who can’t afford school, it becomes a want over a need. Education is important, but can I afford it?” Prospective adult student, EAB Adult Learner Recruitment Survey

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You call the financial aid office, and you are so glad you did! They are going to take a look at your aid package and make adjustments so that you can get even more support.

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You still have just a few things to take care of before you are ready to start classes, including:

  • Speak to the registrar’s office to make sure credits will transfer
  • Take placement tests online
  • Register for classes
  • Complete online orientation

But, you feel ready to start your Bachelor’s degree which is a lifelong dream in the making.

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