College Student Journey: Semester Begins

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The semester begins with students on-campus but taking courses in a hybrid format. During the first week, after an off-campus party made some local headlines, you receive a "threatening" email from a college administrator warning you of severe consequences if you violate the college's COVID-19 guidelines.

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You assess your schedule. You're already feeling a bit stressed about the coming semester and are considering dropping to a part-time course load. However, you don't want to delay your time to degree.

Do you drop a class to go part-time or give up a club to keep a full-time schedule?

Key Insight

"You're supposed to be on Zoom, you're supposed to watch the lecture. You're supposed to do the homework and you're supposed to meet every deadline and not complain and you're supposed to do well on all of these things but if you were to do the math, like you probably are spending a lot more time than you ever have doing schoolwork."  - Current Student

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