Meet the Students of the Pandemic


Meet the Students of the Pandemic

This resource will highlight the unique experiences to three student journeys. Each experience will take about 15-minutes and it is recommended to review them with a full-screen experience.

Across 2020, millions of current and prospective students had their experiences disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. While some had resources and guidance available to propel them forward, others encountered insurmountable access and service barriers that interrupted their student journeys.

EAB’s Students of the Pandemic interactive student journeys provide participants with a first-hand look at the decisions, obstacles, and opportunities facing students navigating to and through higher ed during a global pandemic. Informed by current student voices, national and regional datasets, and EAB research insights, this interactive experience focuses on the pandemic experiences of three different students:

  • First-generation high school senior
  • Current four-year college student
  • Prospective adult student

Each student journey takes roughly 15 minutes to complete. Participants who complete a student journey will receive a custom compilation of EAB resources aimed at serving those students, as well as an opportunity to consult with a senior research expert to learn more.

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