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Help faculty embrace transfer-friendly credit articulation

March 31, 2016

Despite enrollment managers’ focus on transfer students, they cannot respond to the challenge of achieving a “transfer-friendly” reputation alone. They need allies among other campus stakeholders to effectively serve the transfer student population.

Faculty play a critical role in setting transfer credit-articulation guidelines—and too often these policies are not in students’ best interests. EMs must encourage faculty to respond to transfer students’ key concerns and facilitate the enrollment of these students, who contribute to the overall student body in numerous ways.

How faculty can overcome the threat of siloed credit evaluation

Many enrollment managers view transfer students as a priority, yet EMs are unable to help these students in time to impact their enrollment decisions. The academic colleges that oversee transfer credit evaluation have rigorous transfer credit evaluation processes that may impede transfer student service and hinder their enrollment.

These processes result in three common barriers to transfer student enrollment:

Your faculty members can alleviate these administrative hurdles. By nudging faculty to adopt transfer-friendly credit evaluation processes, your institution can increase service to students without eliminating faculty oversight and authority. These solutions not only improve service to transfer students but also benefit faculty by reducing credit articulation and advising headaches.

Three Approaches to Working with Faculty to Improve Transfer Credit Evaluation

Break down barriers to transfer at your institution

Our Transfer Portal technology is specifically designed to help you bolster your transfer student enrollment in an increasingly competitive market through personalized assessment, advisory services, and our transfer student portal.

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Get more insight on this topic

Small modifications to faculty procedures improve service to transfer students, but enrollment managers can achieve even greater gains by removing obstacles along the transfer recruitment, admission, and enrollment stages. Learn more about how to increase transfer enrollment with our study, Paving the Path to Transfer: Increasing Community College Transfer by Reducing Barriers to Enrollment. Download the study.

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