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Shorten your remote advising appointments to empower students

Using effective remote advising practices has never been as important as it is now. With the shift to providing remote services, many advisors are wondering how to make the most of this new format.  It comes down to what advisors want to achieve during the time they meet with students. For the most part, students are logging in from home, and virtual advising lends itself to a new approach that involves short meetings that focus on just one or two objectives and provide students with action items to complete.

In this short video, Christina Hubbard discusses what she learned from leading a team of academic advisors who regularly used remote advising to serve students. There are multiple benefits to this approach: It can help students to better absorb content and build rapport with advisors. Plus, it allows advisors to see more students per day. This approach might be so beneficial that advisors continue using these virtual touchpoints even after the pandemic ends.

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