Effectively engage prospective college students through compelling website content


Effectively engage prospective college students through compelling website content

Is your website speaking students’ language?

When it comes time to redo the enrollment content on your college’s website, it’s critical to do it in a strategic way with specific goals in mind. That way, you can prove the value your content is adding and avoid the risk of a reduced budget next year.

However, even a quick review of college and university websites reveals a lot of variation in quality. Some sites make it much easier to find information that matters most to prospective students. Some appear to be more technically advanced. Some are better at making you want to spend more time with them.

Watch this video from Whitney Pratt, Senior Director at EAB’s Agency Services, to learn how you can create highly targeted, engaging content for your college’s website that will drive real business results.

“Content is literally everything on your website.”

Whitney Pratt, Senior Director of Agency Services

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Between reduced name availability and limited in-person events, attracting students and converting their interest has become increasingly difficult. Watch EAB’s video to learn why it’s so important to optimize your college website for enrollment and discover what next steps are needed to drive rapid and meaningful performance improvements.

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