How a Small College Overcame Student List Source Volatility with Cappex Candidates

How a Small College Overcame Student List Source Volatility with Cappex Candidates

Small Private College in the Midwest with 1,000+ Undergraduate Students


Students were forced to forego standardized testing in favor of social distancing after the onset of the pandemic. As a result, Gilliflower College had to consider alternative options for finding prospective students.

Quick Facts

Institution type: Private, liberal arts college

Enrollment: 1,000+ undergraduate students

Location: Midwest

Partnership: Cultivate, Apply, Yield, Cappex, Intersect


The Challenge

After the onset of the pandemic, students across the country were forced to forego standardized tests in favor of social distancing. In turn, test providers, one of Gilliflower College’s most critical list sources, experienced a dramatic drop in the number of available student leads. As a result, they were forced to consider new methods of finding and connecting with the right-fit prospects.


The Solution

To offset the decline in leads available via test providers, EAB used Gilliflower College’s student search criteria to source 32,000+ additional right-fit prospects from Cappex. As an Apply partner, the cost of their Cappex Candidates were leveraged at no additional cost.


The Results

When compared to test takers sourced in the same enrollment cycle, Cappex Candidates outperformed in the application phase with 1.4% of Candidates applying compared to just 0.8% of test takers. In the end, names from both Cappex and test providers produced 10 deposits each and contributed to a robust entering class.

Impact Highlights


Cappex candidates added to their funnel


Candidates who submitted applications


Candidates who gained admission

"Cappex Candidates were a life saver for us. I don't think we would have met our enrollment goals without them!"

-VP of Enrollment, Gilliflower College


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