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    Getting Started

    EAB provides in-depth research and services for university leaders to meet their most pressing challenges. We have developed resources and expertise on everything from driving a world-class student experience to redesigning professional services functions to expanding global research partnerships.

    Four ways to get the most out of your EAB partnership:

    Register for an event to hear the latest insights from our research and connect with other leaders from across the sector.

    Learn about our current research initiatives and how your institution can get involved.

    Sign up for an audit—our team will assess current policies or practices and give you custom recommendations.

    Browse our related research, which includes in-depth studies and toolkits, to implement changes on your campus.

    Not a current EAB partner? Learn more about working with EAB.



    Sustainability Focus Group for Senior Facilities Officers and Sustainability Directors

    Sustainability is an essential part of every Facilities organization’s—and every institution’s—priorities. Between new governmental regulations, technology innovations, partnership opportunities, and scientific breakthroughs, there is much to keep up with to achieve our ambitious green goals. These virtual sessions are best suited for senior Facilities officers and sustainability directors.


    • 2024 Sustainability Action Planning
      • Friday, December 8, 2023
      • Wednesday, December 13, 2023

    See registration page for session times.

    The Good, Bad, and Ugly of AI in Higher Education

    Join this lively discussion of how to navigate the hype around AI and figure out what it means for your staff, your students, and your institution. EAB’s AI expert will address why ChatGPT and other generative AI tools mark a new era in AI capabilities and challenge common misconceptions about AI.


    • For UK and Europe:
      • Tuesday, November 28 | 14.00-15.00 GMT or 15.00-16.00 CET
    • For Australia and New Zealand:
      • Tuesday, November 28 | 11.00-12.00 AET or 13.00-14.00 NZDT

    Mental Health Collaborative

    EAB’s Mental Health and Well-Being Collaborative will bring together a cohort of peer institutions to engage in a cross-campus curriculum. Participants will attend virtual working sessions and engage in take-home activities to reimagine approaches to student mental health and well-being across then next decade.

    Once per month 4-part series:

    • Embedding Well-Being Support into More Student Touchpoints
      • January 31 | 9.00-10.00 AET or 11.00-12.00 NZDT
    • Leveraging Data to Demonstrate Impact of Mental Health Work
      • February 22 | 9.00-10.00 AET or 11.00-12.00 NZDT
    • Empowering Academics and Graduate Students as Mental Health Champions
      • March 13 | 9.00-10.00 AET or 11.00-12.00 NZDT
    • Fundraising for Student Mental Health and Well-being
      • April 4 | 9.00-10.00 AET or 11.00-12.00 NZDT


    Current Research Initiatives

    EAB partners have the opportunity to take part in our ongoing research by connecting one-on-one with experts for research interviews, serving as best-practice case studies, and more. We invite you to participate (or nominate someone on your campus to participate) in our current research initiatives:


    Recruiting Academics in the Face of Increased Out-of-Sector Competition

    • What factors hold the greatest weight when hiring an academic superstar (e.g., start-up funding, autonomy, spousal hire)?
    • How do institutions identify superstars and decide when to invest in hiring one?
    • How do leaders of academic divisions and VC/PVC work together to hire academic superstars?

    The Changing Landscape of Academic Advising/Personal Tutoring

    • How must advising models shift to meet changing student needs and expectations
    • What are the core competencies of an effective advising model?
    • How can universities create meaningful career paths for advisors?

    Partner Services

    Virtual Student Services Website Audit

    Colleges and universities had no choice but to quickly adopt virtual operations during the pandemic. Participate in EAB’s Student Services Virtual User Experience Audit to adapt the virtual experience for student services for the post-pandemic era.

    Remote Work Policy Audit

    Use the remote work policy audit to compare your institution’s policy to best practices across a wide spectrum of employers and data-driven research, and receive concrete suggestions to improve your policy that are specifically tailored to higher education.

    Campus Sustainability Plan Review

    Participate in EAB’s Sustainability Plan Review to explore your plan’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

    A signature component of an EAB partnership is access to our higher education experts for virtual workshops and presentations. Browse the presentation topics that can help you educate stakeholders, support decision-making, and accelerate progress.

    To help campus leaders better attract prospective applicants, EAB offers a Job Description Audit. You will receive a customized report that includes distinct strengths, concrete opportunities for improvement, and sample language from exemplar job descriptions.

    Employment websites serve as a gateway to the application and hiring process at your institution. Use this checklist to assess your institution’s employment website and identify opportunities for improvement.

    Our research team at EAB just launched our 2023 Talent Questionnaire to assess higher ed turnover, recruitment and retention practices, and central HR structures. By sharing your insights, you’ll receive benchmarking data and EAB analysis to enhance your institution’s talent practices. Please fill out the survey by December 1—it only takes 10 minutes to complete.

    Partners who submit their data by January 15, 2024 will receive their custom benchmarking within our Inaugural Cohort.

    Click on each topic below to explore research studies, toolkits, and more.

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