Introducing Enroll360: Unlock the power of a thriving recruitment ecosystem


Introducing Enroll360: Unlock the power of a thriving recruitment ecosystem

Imagine a high school student today. Let’s call her ‘Emma.’” It’s Emma’s sophomore year and she’s just starting to think about college. She receives a personalized email from your school prompting her to read a short article about how other sophomores discover their future college. Emma enters her mom’s email address so she can access the article.

Fast forward to Emma’s junior year. She has begun to think more seriously about college and like many of her peers, she turns to Google to explore options. Emma quickly comes across Cappex, where she’s prompted to fill out her ideal college location—close to her hometown in Rhode Island—and her intended major—computer engineering.

After connecting with her counselor during her senior year, Emma has narrowed down her list of schools to five and enters her shortlist in Naviance. From there, she explores your university’s website, she comes across a link to your virtual tour. Since she won’t be able to visit in-person, she and her mom tour your campus from their kitchen table. Emma can picture herself picnicking in the campus quad and participating in the lab featured during the tour of the engineering building. After the tour, she starts to see Instagram ads for your school depicting students in that same lab. And after receiving an email from your school with an invite to apply via a personalized application, she applies.

Meet Emma

  • Class of 2021
  • Lives in Rhode Island
  • Interested in Computer Engineering
  • GPA: 3.95

Emma is admitted to four of her five top schools, including yours. But to help her decide where to enroll, she wants to hear what student life is actually like. Through Wisr, Emma connects one-on-one with Kayleigh, a current junior and student ambassador at your institution studying computer engineering. Kayleigh talks about her favorite classes, professors, and places to eat off-campus, and Emma begins to see just what her life could be like as a student there, too.

Virtual recruitment strategies are here to stay

Emma’s digital journey to college has become the norm. The recruitment environment is now dominated by virtual student recruitment, stealth shopping, and student demand for personalized and authentic communication from colleges and universities. Like many of our partners, we expect these trends to persist.


increase in admitted students in the first year of EAB partnership

Although most students similarly engage with a variety of mediums and sources throughout their enrollment journey, not all students are as easy to reach as Emma. What has emerged is a new recruitment environment in which a linear, outbound approach to cultivating your inquiry pool and engaging students down funnel is still necessary—but no longer sufficient. Enrollment leaders now need to be able to orchestrate responsive, precision marketing anchored in digitally immersive experiences. To have a thriving recruitment ecosystem, channels, campaigns, technologies, and student touchpoints must be connected and self-reinforcing.

For the last three decades, our goal has always been to help our partners reach their goals, regardless of what challenges the market presents. Following recent changes, it has become clear the world has evolved.

And we needed to evolve with it.

So, we spent the last couple of years creating a connected recruitment ecosystem that allows enrollment leaders to keep pace with students as they pursue these increasingly digital journeys to college. This work led us to join forces with several leading companies: Cappex, Intersect, Wisr, and YouVisit.

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Cappex is a leading exploration and discovery platform for students. Together with EAB, Cappex inquiries will help you yield your next class.


In a digital-first world, YouVisit virtual tours give prospective students an immersive experience of your campus.


With access to the 6.5 million high school students on Naviance, Intersect helps colleges cultivate affinity and connect with the highest-intent inquiries.


Wisr’s unique peer-to-peer engagement platform helps colleges create virtual communities to yield their next class.

Individually, each solution can solve important challenges at various stages of the enrollment funnel. Taken together, these capabilities are exponentially more powerful and produce amplified results. And when integrated with EAB’s marketing and enrollment expertise, they form the basis of a thriving recruitment ecosystem. For example, students included in EAB Search campaigns and take a virtual tour are 3.5x as likely to apply and 10x more likely to deposit. And when Cappex is combined with Intersect’s High Intent Inquiries, schools see a 16% increase in enrollments, on average.


unique click rate in welcome emails which promote Wisr for one partner university

EAB's growing set of capabilities

EAB's enrollment offerings are evolving

By bringing these capabilities together, our vision is to reinvent how enrollment leaders reach their goals. Which is why we are thrilled to re-introduce our work to you: meet Enroll360.


Meet Enroll360

Powered by a next-generation recruitment ecosystem that we tailor to and orchestrate with your team, Enroll360 is about helping you achieve your goals in a changing world. Enroll360 brings together the best of who we’ve always been—a strategic partner and a leading provider of marketing and enrollment solutions, and weaves in new technologies and innovations at a time when yesterday’s approaches are no longer enough.


I’ve had the chance to work closely with the talented teams at YouVisit, Wisr, Cappex, and Intersect. And beyond the stellar results they help enrollment teams achieve, I have been impressed by the true partnership they develop with each school they work with. When combined with EAB’s premier marketing solutions and service model, their impact is even greater. Most importantly, the digital, personalized, and authentic experiences enabled by each of these capabilities helps students like Emma find their best-fit college or university.

On behalf of our growing Enroll360 team, I’m excited about the possibilities of what we can achieve together.

Lessons for your post-pandemic enrollment strategy

Learn about national trends in enrollment management during the pandemic—and see actionable tools and recommendations to guide your plans for the 2022 cycle and beyond.

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