Academic Affairs Cost Containment

Academic Affairs Cost Containment

Faculty and staff often correlate a reduction in academic costs with a reduction in quality. In reality, institutions can realize savings and promote excellence by reallocating existing resources to high-impact, mission-aligned activities. The resources below highlight both immediate savings opportunities from increased instructional efficiency and longer-term opportunities to increase instructional productivity and rightsize the academic portfolio.

Near-term rebasing tactics

Breaking the Cost-Quality Tradeoff

Review the five primary drivers of academic costs and capacity and identify the greatest opportunities to realign academic resources while maintaining or enhancing quality

10 “No-Regrets” Analyses Infographic

Run these 10 “no-regrets” analyses to isolate the key drivers of academic costs, pinpoint opportunities for savings, and allow department leaders to better meet future student demand

Longer-term cost containment tactics

Align Workloads and Schedules with Student Demand

Follow this roadmap to align faculty workloads and course schedules with student demand—and generate more student credit hours without adding part-time instructional staff

38 Approaches to Maximizing Instructional Productivity Infographic

Review 38 approaches to maximize instructional productivity on your campus, organized around four major goals for instructional productivity efforts

Discover how the Program Analytics Dashboard within EAB’s Academic Performance Solutions (APS) provides provosts, deans, and department leaders with program-specific insights and data to compare performance across the institution.

Academic Vital Signs

Require that every academic department monitor these three cost efficiency metrics to optimize academic resources and minimize costs

Capture savings without cutting programs: How one institution found an extra $10 million for strategic initiatives

Recoup funds for investment in strategic priorities by recapturing vacated faculty lines

Implement Gainsharing Agreements in Your Academic and Administrative Units

Implement gainsharing agreements to incentivize more prudent management of unit budget dollars

Rightsizing the Program Portfolio

Use our rightsizing the program portfolio toolkit to see four imperatives to lay the groundwork for principled academic program review and discontinuance processes

The Multidisciplinary Reorganization Toolkit

Consider whether an academic reorganization can advance your institution’s teaching and research goals while also reducing overhead costs

Use Data to Make the Right Cuts-and the Right Investments

Evaluate all university spending trends using both data and a mission-oriented perspective

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