Facilities and Auxiliaries Cost Containment

Facilities and Auxiliaries Cost Containment

Even before the COVID crisis, using facilities resources more effectively was a top priority. Use our resources to move the needle on evergreen challenges like reducing deferred maintenance backlogs, decreasing energy consumption, optimizing space utilization, and maximizing the value (and savings potential) of outsourcing and public-private partnerships.

Longer-term cost containment tactics

Working with Academic Leaders to Maximize Space Utilization

Implement best practices in working with academic leaders to maximize space utilization and inflect behavior change

Compendium of Design and Construction Tactics to Minimize Total Cost of Ownership

Review our compendium of design and construction tactics to minimize total cost of ownership

Energy Reduction Strategies

Pursue proven energy- and cost-saving strategies through the following levers: commissioning, recommissioning, retrofits, and continuous commissioning

Optimizing Outsourcing Arrangements in Facilities Study

Consider opportunities to outsource parts of your facilities function—or optimize an existing outsourcing relationship

Optimizing Your Facilities Outsourcing Arrangement Roadmap

See our four-step process for developing more effective outsourcing arrangements to help reduce costs and increase levels of service

Shift the Balance from Reactive to Preventative Maintenance

Implement best practices to eliminate common timesinks and reprioritize critical preventive maintenance tasks

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Improve Preventative Maintenance Performance

Follow this roadmap for strategies on how to reduce the deferred maintenance backlog and invest in and expand preventative maintenance programs

Launching In-House Talent Development Programs in Facilities Management

Use this step-by-step guide to reduce maintenance recruitment costs over time and increase staff productivity

Capital Renewal Funding Playbook

Evaluate 10 executive-level lessons and 100 strategies for funding capital renewal to reduce your deferred maintenance backlog and enhance the capital planning process

Navigating Public-Private Partnerships

Review 10 imperatives to effectively evaluate, plan, and implement successful public-private partnerships, as well as case studies of universities’ P3 projects

Enhance Your Capital Planning Process

Learn how to improve transparency in capital project prioritization to ensure investment in projects that best support broader institutional priorities

Capital Project Planning Toolkit

Use this tool to quickly generate more accurate capital project cost estimates to help evaluate different options, or as a model for developing a campus-specific construction cost calculator

How to minimize future lab reconfigurations with flexible, space-efficient layouts

Review tactics to minimize future lab reconfigurations with flexible, space-efficient layouts

Prototyping new campus spaces doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s your two-step process

Implement prototyping processes in space planning to ensure space design and equipment aligns with stakeholder needs

Taking Space Offline

Learn how Bowling Green State University effectively aligned classroom inventory with curriculum needs to streamline deferred maintenance and reduce campus size

Increasing Central Fungible Dollars

Consult our efficiency cheat sheets for auxiliary operations (bookstore, housing, dining, and parking) to increase efficiency and grow operations

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