Technology and IT Services Cost Containment

Technology and IT Services Cost Containment

Amid the shift to remote operations, IT teams must identify opportunities to contain costs or increase efficiencies to manage increased workloads and offset emergency spend. Our resources help leaders prioritize new projects, optimize purchases, both centrally and locally, and creatively use student labor to respond to workload surges.

Longer-term cost containment tactics

Project Prioritization Frameworks That Work

Use our project management prioritization frameworks to eliminate unnecessary projects and ensure IT resources are devoted to projects that best align with your institution’s strategic goals

Mastering the IT Project Pipeline

Use this resource to gain control over chaotic project backlogs, develop a standardized project request process, cost-effectively filter project requests for further development, and shape customer project demand

Supporting Frontline IT Purchasing in the Cloud Era

Review best practices in supporting frontline IT purchasing to avoid duplicate licenses and ensure investments meet technical and security standards

Extending the Student IT Workforce

Consider opportunities to engage student workers to perform essential IT work beyond the help desk and develop a pipeline of future IT talent 

Data-Driven Approaches to Sunsetting Technology

Discover how to leverage data and principled tactics to mitigate risks, eliminate legacy and redundant technologies, and recoup valuable IT costs and resources

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