Workflow and Org Design Cost Containment

Workflow and Org Design Cost Containment

Every institution has opportunities to redesign processes and organizational models to improve efficiencies and service quality. Our resources help leaders and staff identify the greatest opportunities for improvement on their campus, prioritize them, and execute—to the tune of significant cost savings. They also help leaders get buy-in for change with even the most resistant staff.

Longer-term cost containment tactics

Efficiency and Effectiveness Initiatives

Review key lessons from post-Great Recession efficiency audits to identify successes to emulate and mistakes to avoid, and get guidance on where the majority of potential savings lie

Design Better Workflows with Five Process Improvement Steps

Follow these five jargon-free steps for every exercise to improve processes and design better workflows

Process Improvement Primer

Explore case studies of commonly broken processes across six functional areas to boost buy-in for process improvement initiatives on your campus

Shared Services Primer

Take our shared services readiness diagnostic to evaluate urgency and guide senior-level conversations about campus readiness to adopt shared services models

Discover how the Program Analytics Dashboard within EAB’s Academic Performance Solutions (APS) provides provosts, deans, and department leaders with program-specific insights and data to compare performance across the institution.

Design a Shared Services Model That Reflects Campus Priorities

Use our roadmap to design a shared services model that strikes a balance between efficiency of process standardization and responsiveness to units’ service expectations

Ease the Transition to Shared Services with a Plan for Change Management Hurdles

Use our roadmap to ease the transition to shared services with a plan for change management hurdles

Compendium of Shared Services Profiles

Use our Compendium of Shared Services Profiles to understand how peer institutions structure and fund their shared services models

Shared Services Maturity Model

Review the maturity model in our shared services primer to evaluate opportunities to enhance existing shared services models

Innovations in Counseling Center Staffing

Review three dynamic staffing models implemented by other institutions to more cost-effectively meet fluctuating demands for counseling services on your campus

High-Efficiency HR Department

Review best practices to building high-efficiency human resources departments that optimize operations and refocus staff on higher-level work

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